Color can Cure!

Color Therapy

The list is categorized into groups from 00 to 21. First, look up the group that describes your disease or complication, then find your illness and use the Color Therapy. Click on the right image to find your disease.

00 Allergy

01 Bone or Joint Diseases

02 Digestive Diseases

03 Cancer (Tumors)

04 Ear Diseases

05 Endocrine, Metabolic Diseases and Immunity Disorders

06 Eye Diseases

10 Heart Diseases

11 Infectious Diseases

12 Liver Diseases

13 Men's Health

14 Mental Diseases

15 Respiratory Diseases

16 Sexual Health

20 Skin Diseases

21 Women's Health

Use the treatment with a video projector or a luminous LED light color bulb. Choose a color that corresponds to your illness. Trust your choice whether you have a diagnosis or not. Each session should be at least 30 minutes. You must be comfortable and relaxed when using your color and receive light projection over the whole body. Using the treatment three times a week is the minimum number of times for the required results. I recommend using the therapy daily.