The Word and the Fundamental Forces of Nature

A translation of a talk held in Reykjavik at the Theosophical Society on April 28th, 2023.

Good evening. My name is Eyjólfur Pétur Hafstein, and I will be giving a talk here tonight called The Word and the Fundamental Forces of Nature. I am educated as a teacher, and I also have studied for many years the ancient languages of Sanskrit and education at Uppsala University in Sweden.

I will start by discussing the four fundamental forces of nature, which scientists consider the underlying forces of our universe. After that, I talk about the Word, but the term Word is a direct translation of the Greek word Logos, in the sense of God or the Creator. I show you how the Word applies its will to its creative works by harnessing the four fundamental forces of nature. Then, I talk about healing with colors and tones, which will later be the primary healing method. I will conclude my talk with questions and answers.


I want to point out that when I refer to man in my talk, I am talking about man as a species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, or both sexes.


There are four fundamental forces of nature, and scientists believe these forces dominate the universe. These forces are the Strong Nuclear Force, the Electromagnetic Force, the Weak Nuclear Force, and the Force of Attraction or Gravity.


The most potent force is the strong nuclear force, which holds the atom’s nucleus together. It has a short range and is only active within the atomic nucleus.


The electromagnetic force between all charged particles is at work and is very important in our environment. The reach of the force is infinitely long.


The third force is the weak nuclear force, primarily seen in nature in the beta decay of the atomic nucleus. The weak nuclear force is also seen in cosmic rays. It is weaker than the other two forces and has a short range.


The fourth force is the one we are most familiar with. It is gravity. It acts between all particles of matter that have mass. The gravitational force between particles or energy units is always attractive, so forces from different particles have an additive effect. That’s how gravity is so important in our environment. The reach of the force is infinitely long.

I define the word based on the beginning of the Gospel of John, taken from the Bible, named after the city of Geneva in Switzerland and published in 1606.[8] It says:


„In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and that Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by it, and without it was made nothing that was made. 4 In it was life, and the life was the light of men.“


I am not quoting the modern English translation of the Bible (MEV) because people have changed the wording and replaced the pronoun It with Him. In my opinion, it is not a correct translation.


The name of my talk here tonight, The Word and the Fundamental Forces of Nature deals with the control of the Word over the four fundamental forces.


Before going any further, I would like to show you, for comparison, three versions of the “Holy Trinity”—the interpretations of three different groups of people of the nature of the Godhead.

The first is the “biblical trinity,” the Holy Trinity, which speaks of the trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is enthroned at the top of the triangle. The Son sits at the right hand of the Father, and the Holy Spirit at the left.


Then comes the “esoterical trinity,” as I call it. These studies speak of God’s threefold nature: will, love/wisdom, and active intelligence. They also talk about the three rays of attribute: the first ray of will—the second ray of love, and the third ray of civilization.


Finally, the “scientific trinity” speaks of the four fundamental forces of nature—the electromagnetic force, gravitation, and the strong and weak nuclear forces—as manifestations of divinity in the universe.


Combining these three “trinities” together, we see a reasonably relevant pattern: The Son is love, which draws everything to itself (the Son = love = the gravitational force). The Father is the will that connects everything. It is often said that the electromagnetic force is the sewing machine of the universe (the Father = the will = the electromagnetic force). The Holy Spirit is the active intelligence, the essence or substance of the universe (Holy Spirit = active intelligence = the weak and strong nuclear force).


Most of us, listening to my talk, know the Christian teachings of the church about the trinity of the Godhead. Most of us also know the esoteric teachings about the attributes of the Godhead. On the other hand, little known to most of us are the scientific theories about the nature of God put forward by the most skilled scientists of our time. Here, I refer to the Standard Model of particle physics and the String Theory. Both of these theories aim to combine, through mathematics, all four fundamental forces of nature into one universal initiating force. This initial force split at the beginning of creation into the four fundamental forces: the strong and weak nuclear forces, the electromagnetic force, and gravity.


Today, Christianity is stuck in the gravitational force and can’t move anywhere. At the same time, it has a vague picture of the trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All this is under the logo of the young man on the cross, transfigured by suffering. On the other hand, Esoterics try to connect the life force through the inherent qualities of the divinity, as mentioned before, with the will, love/wisdom, and active intelligence as weapons. These are the attributes of the seven rays, three attribute rays, and their four derivative rays.


Now, let’s look at the science. Today, the subject of many scientists, as mentioned before, is connecting the four forces of nature and finding the one correct “God Equation.” Still, the “God Equation” is a term invented by scientists. The God Equation should ideally be very short and symmetric. The scientists working on this project are physicists trained in theoretical physics and astrophysicists who see the universe as a whole. The scientists search for the universe’s origin and try to find out which primary force was initially divided into the four fundamental forces. At the same time, they try to find a mathematical explanation of the nature of the universe.


The physicists call this the search for “The God Equation.” For example, the great physicist and Nobel laureate Albert Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life trying to find the unifying formula for the forces of nature, but without success. We can also mention scientists like Stephen Hawking, who had his theories about black holes, and Professor Michio Kaku,[12] one of the founders of string theory. Einstein worked intensely on the unification and had the Standard Model of particle physics as a weapon. However, the Standard Model can only combine three of nature’s four fundamental forces because connecting the gravitational force with the standard model was impossible.


Michio Kaku uses String Theory in his search. He says it is possible to connect all four forces, but then eleven dimensions are needed for it to succeed. Today, we only know four dimensions: length, width, and height plus time. However, Professor Kaku considers this to be possible and uses in his reasoning that the universe is not just one, but that there are countless universes and that the creation of our universe or “Big Bang” is only the collision of two universes, A collision of two universes either leads to their disintegration or mergers. Professor Kaku has written books about his search for the universe’s origin. One is the book The God Equation – The Quest for a Theory of Everything.

One cannot help but admire these physicists, who have made significant progress in explaining the nature of creation while Christianity is firmly stuck in the gravitational force.


String Theory deals with the fact that the minor units of the atom, the particles, are not point-like objects but, on the other hand, are only a few types of strings, even just one string, and the various particles appear as different modes of oscillation. It is well known from classical physics that the different tones of a guitar string correspond to its way of oscillation, and it can be said that the particles of the atom, such as electrons, photons, or quarks, are all different notes on the same fundamental string of nature.


It has been said that the Godhead appears to us humans when there is a need for the advancement of humanity. Each time, it reveals one aspect of its nature.


About 2,000 years ago, the Deity manifested its nature of love and wisdom. The Son of the Word then introduced the love and wisdom aspect of the Godhead. In esoterism, wisdom is defined as love in action. The Son was then in direct contact with his soul nature, but the soul, our higher self, is the loving aspect of the Godhead. This is the element of nature that draws everything unto itself.


Today, we await another manifestation and yet another aspect of the Godhead. Man has been promised this revelation for decades, even centuries. The manifestation is the return of the Son. This time, the son will be in direct contact with his innermost nature – the spirit, but the spirit is the will aspect of the Godhead. In the same way that the first son demonstrated the power of love – the gravitational force, the second son will illustrate the power of light – the electromagnetic force.


Let us now return to the Word.

According to my definition, the Word is a Life that creates an image or a graphic scenario in the mind and then manifests the idea. The Word is the Creator, God, or whatever we want to call the Word. I call this Life a Word because the term “Word” is without stigma and best describes this Life’s characteristics.


In the universe, there are many Words. We can talk about the Greatest Word, the creator of the universe—the Universal Word—and then come Words like the one that created our Milky Way Galaxy—the Galactic Word. The Word that formed our solar system—the Solar Word. The Word that created our Earth—the Earth Word. Finally, there are words among us humans who also manifest our ideas—human words.

As said before, the condition for being a Word in an earthly existence is the ability to manifest one’s ideas. In addition, the Human Word needs to receive ideas and instructions from its Supreme Word, The Earth Word. The Human Word must also be able to use a tone at a particular frequency, which has the function of actualizing the idea on Earth.


The tone, the Human Word, uses acts to attract the material used in constructing the idea and making the idea a reality. This is where the four fundamental forces of nature come into play.


What are then the characteristics of the Tone?

– The tone is the will of the Word.

– The tone instructs the strong and weak fundamental forces to contribute the

   material to the idea of the Word.

– The tone instructs the gravitational force to bring the substance to the idea.

– The tone instructs the electromagnetic force to “stitch” the material and

   complete the idea.


In other words, the tone is the primary force that divides into the four fundamental forces of nature.


How does the Tone affect the four fundamental forces?

The Human Word’s tone in its creation affects the electromagnetic force in two ways.

Firstly, it lifts the atom’s electrons up a level within the atom. When they fall back to the original level, they emit photons (light).


Secondly, the power of the tone acts on the electrons of the atom, which are located in the outermost sphere of the electron sphere of the atom. It then lifts the electrons in that sphere outside the atom, allowing them to bond with other atoms and form molecules. The molecules then manifest the idea of the Human Word and complete it.

The weak nuclear force is also involved in this process. For example, the Sun does not shine without the weak atomic force because it is responsible for turning protons into neutrons in the atom’s nucleus.


The Human Word activates the strong nuclear force for the effects of the weak nuclear force by continually rearranging the quarks within the atom’s protons and turning them into neutrons.


The Word then uses, as previously stated, the gravitational force, according to Newton’s law of gravity, where the gravitational force between two objects is directly proportional to their respective masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Thus, the Human Word itself controls the four fundamental forces of nature.


Then, we come to the second part of my talk, which is more personal.


Over 30 years ago, I received instructions from the Earth Word to initiate a specific project. The project was in four stages, and I was instructed to use a particular tone to ensure that the project would be completed. The implementation was fourfold.

– First, I had to demonstrate that the science of numbers is the science of color.


– Secondly, I had to demonstrate that tones and colors, in certain combinations, can promote the healing of diseases and disorders of the personality.


– Thirdly, I had to lay the foundations of New Age Medicine;

    a) By introducing a new means of classifying diseases, expressed in numbers, showing which color best suits healing.

    b) By composing music that is best suited to cure certain diseases. 


– Fourthly, I had to write a work describing my service in one lifetime


I was taught to use the tone and didn’t have to worry about anything; I just had to work on the project.


Today, more than thirty years later, I have completed, for the most part, the project and published my ideas. I now want to tell you about the preparation and implementation of the project, i.e., how the creation of a Human Word takes place. I tackle the first item on my to-do list, which is to show that the science of numbers is the science of colors. I begin my work by forming a precise mental sequence of my plan. The idea is to use and relate the seven spectrum colors to the base 7-number system. I need to bring the idea into existence to make it a reality. For this work, I employ the tone I was given. The process begins with meditation and consists of one breath, inhaling, and exhaling.


In the inhalation, I activate my energies and harmonize the meditation. When the inhalation is complete and the breath is steady, I project my idea onto the “wall of my mental body,” which stands vividly before my mental vision. I put all my energy into keeping the mental form stable. At the same time, I aim the mental projection at my forehead chakra (my third eye). The forehead chakra becomes “a sea of fire.” The sensation I feel in the chakra is similar to a burning flame.


I hold my mental form steady throughout the exhalation and do not deviate from it. At the same time, I sound the tone at the correct frequency.

This way, I send the idea into the material world, where it awaits manifestation.

On the slide, we can see that I changed the decimal system to a base 7-number system. Then, I paired the seven number symbols with the seven colors of light. The base 7-number system works in every way, like the decimal system, precisely the same way as the binary system, which is the computer’s number language.


After implementing the project’s first part, I focused on the third part. I began to study the history and practice of color and tone therapy.


To my surprise, much has been written about color therapy, but more is needed about tone therapy.


Colors of light have been used for healing purposes for thousands of years. Ever since the early days of the cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Italy, people have wondered about the effect of color on man. At the time, knowledge of color therapy was relatively inaccessible, but as time went on, color therapy became more accessible. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, interest reached its peak. Today, we have a different story to tell. Healing with colors is frowned upon, and more is needed in modern medical science.

At the turn of the twentieth century, there were quite a lot of people practicing color therapy. Even practicing doctors used this treatment. I quote Kate W. Baldwin, former chief physician at the Woman’s Hospital in Pennsylvania, USA. The year is 1926. She says:


“For about six years, I have been observing the effects of colors on my patients. I can say with complete honesty that after thirty-seven years of practice as a surgeon and medicine physician, I can achieve faster and better results with colors than with any other method, with much less stress on the patient. Color therapy has often provided a cure after conventional medical remedies have failed.


Of course, surgery is necessary in some cases. However, results will be faster and better if colors are applied before and after surgery. Sprains, bruises, and traumas respond better to colors than any other known method. It does not matter where the disease is in the body. Heart damage, asthma, hay fever, pneumonia, inflammatory diseases of the eyes, corneal ulcers, and glaucoma are diseases that can be treated with color therapy.” [5]


Soon after, the medical authorities in the United States banned all color treatments for medical purposes.


I want to name a few people who have been at the forefront of using colors in medical work.

The fifteenth-century Swiss scientist Paracelsus, sometimes referred to as one of the greatest healers of modern times, renewed man’s acquaintance with light medicine. In his methods, Paracelsus used musical frequencies and colors of light and recommended a proper diet.[6]


Austrian Franz Mesmer is often referred to as the father of magnetic healing. He lived at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Mesmer demonstrated that a person’s aura indicates their physical condition. Mesmer believed that sunlight must be directed to the human energy centers to achieve healing.[10]


The American Edwin D. Babbitt (1825-1905) is known for his success in color medicine. His book The Principles of Light and Colour, published in 1876, significantly impacted the public and caused much publicity. Babbitt asserts that each color has its properties and chemical action.[3]


At the beginning of the twentieth century, the doctor and scientist Dinshah P. Ghadiali proposed a theory explaining why colors have a healing effect. He says that by knowing the healing effects of colors, we can use the right colors to reset the human balance. [2]


Finally, I mention Dr. Kate W. Baldwin, previously mentioned, who was a student of Ghadiali’s and had to testify under oath in a court in New York about her work on color medicine when Ghadiali was accused of using light colors in medical work. Earlier, the FBI had raided Ghadialis’ medical offices and destroyed all his color treatment equipment.

The literature cites the healing properties of seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Red is a powerful and stimulating source of energy. Its effect on the blood cells increases energy and body temperature and strengthens blood circulation.[11]


Red stimulates nerve perception and is helpful for deficits in the senses of smell, sight, hearing, taste, and touch. [1]


Red color radiation produces new red blood cells.[7]


Red stimulates milk production after birth. It stimulates the production of the thyroid gland. The color increases lung function, calming muscle spasms, and increases heart rate.[13]

Orange color radiation stimulates milk production after birth. It stimulates the thyroid gland and reduces the activity of the parathyroid gland.[1] 


Orange has a calming effect on muscle spasms and increases heart rate.[13] 


Orange alters the biochemical structure, leading to a reduction in depression.[14]

Yellow activates the motor nerves and increases muscle energy. It treats skin conditions and improves the skin’s texture. It heals and clears scars and other skin conditions, such as eczema.


Yellow light cleans the blood circulation and activates the lymphatic system. It stimulates and builds the nerves and brain. [1]

Green is the color of balance, harmony, and compassion, balancing a person’s energy. [14]


Green color has antiseptic properties and is helpful for infections. The color green can be used for detoxification of the body and heart disease. [14]


Green reduces tension and acts as a sedative for the sympathetic nervous system.[13]

The color blue is used for depression, melancholy, rapid pulse, and pain. The color lowers the temperature and is suitable for fighting infections and inflammations.[7]


Blue has antiseptic properties, relaxes muscles and blood vessels, and has a calming and cooling effect on inflammation.[13]

The color indigo helps purify the body, including the blood. It is suitable for inflammation of the eyes and ears and generally reduces inflammation and severe pain.[7]


Indigo affects both our mental and emotional states. [14]


Indigo can be used to stop heavy bleeding. It promotes muscle relaxation, breathing regulation, and resistance to pain.[13]

The violet color stimulates the function of the spleen and accelerates the formation of white blood cells. It regulates blood pressure and lowers high blood pressure. [14]


Violet relieves pressure in motor nerves, lymph nodes, and heart muscles and stops tumor growth.[2]


Violet stimulates bone growth and is excellent for calming the person and overcoming violent insanity. [1]

I want to present three cases of color therapy to you. I am citing the literature.


Case 1: “Master H, aged 18 months. It was a severe case of cholera infantum and marasmus brought on by teething in hot weather. He had been under treatment by an excellent physician for some time but was steadily declining. As the last faint hope, we determined to try the blue treatment. He had been exceedingly irritable, but the blue light immediately soothed him into a gentle sleep.


He came out of the bath calm and refreshed. Two months of treatment resulted in a fine, healthy-looking child with full, rosy cheeks and a happy temper. We are confident that, but for the blue ray, this child must have died – no conventional treatment could have saved him.” [4]


Case 2: “Mrs. X came for advice after discovering a lump in her right breast. She was asked if she had consulted her G.P. and said she had. He had examined her and confirmed her findings. A hospital appointment was arranged so the lump could be aspirated for a biopsy. Mrs. X stressed that she did not want this done. She believed that if the lump was malignant, any interference with it could spread the cancerous cells.


“After a lengthy discussion about her decision, color treatment was started. After each treatment, she was given color visualization and affirmation exercises two to three times a day. She was also advised on her diet and her level of stress. “At the end of three months, she reported that the lump appeared smaller. It gave her great hope and determination to carry on with the treatment. The treatment continued for a further three months. During that time, the lump became smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared.” [14]


Case 3: “Janet Whittenberg, a homemaker from Norfolk, Virginia, says she obtained good results for her mentally impaired three-year-old son, Shannon. “I have gone to so many doctors and hospitals,” says Mrs. Whittenberg. “Shannon was a vegetable. He did not do anything. They said his brain was deteriorating, and there was nothing they could do. They considered him a terminal case.”


“On the advice of a neighbor, she took Shannon to Doctor Whitehouse, who administered color therapy. “I saw results within a month,” Mrs. Whittenberg says. “He had only two teeth in his mouth, and in one month, every tooth came out. He had stopped growing, and he started growing again. He was all yellow, but that faded away. Now he is vigilant, knows everyone in the family, and watches T.V. I am very pleased.” [13]

Now, what is the theory behind The Therapy of Light?


All manifestations in the universe vibrate in their frequency. So, it is also the case with human beings. Man’s vibrating energy generates energy in an electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body – the aura. If the frequency of the energy field is distorted, it causes disharmony and imbalance. These imbalances are referred to as diseases. The Therapy of Light aims to re-balance the individual’s frequencies, thus creating a state of well-being.

Now, let’s look closer at my online website, You can also find my other websites, and

The website [9] is structured so you can quickly look up the color and tone treatments. Under Publication, you can find articles I have written, both in English and Icelandic. I also present the author of the treatment.

I present sixteen categories on the Color Therapy site containing over 150 diseases and conditions. These are the sicknesses that the treatment addresses. Examples of disease categories are cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, and heart diseases.


Take breast cancer, for example. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. We begin by choosing Category 03 (Cancer-Tumors), which addresses cancer. Don’t let the numbers fool you because I use the seven-number system, which shows the order from 00 to 21. I click on the link for cancer, and up comes the following image:

We see that my therapy treats quite a few cancers and that breast cancer is the seventh disease counted from the top. It is classified as 03 06. We read the information that can be found on the site and observe that the treatment uses six healing colors. These are the primary colors red, green, and blue, along with the secondary colors magenta, light blue, and yellow. The secondary colors are an equal mixture of two primary colors. For instance, magenta is an equal mixture of red and blue colors. Light blue is an equal mixture of blue and green colors, and yellow is an equal mixture of red and green colors. All the colors have the most substantial light exposure of the computer. As you can see, I gave the six colors a number from 0 to 5. We can also see that the treatment time for all the cancers is shown in numbers.


We now slide down the page until we get to breast cancer number 03-06.

On the page, we see the six-digit identification number of the disease and its name. In addition, we see a very brief description of the disease. The first four digits of the six-digit ID number are, as mentioned before, the category of diseases and the disease within a category. The following number, 3, with a green color around it, is the treatment color green. We click on the link, and a full-page image of the green color appears. This is the color we project onto ourselves using the treatment. The sixth and last digit is the number 5. Number 5 represents the treatment time in months. The best is to use the treatment daily for 30 minutes each time. For the disease of breast cancer, the treatment color is green, and the treatment time is five months.  


I’m also going to show you treatment for a typical male disease, prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. We open the page to find the identification number of the disease. The ID number starts with the numbers 03-23. We slide down the page and find the disease, prostate cancer.

We see that prostate cancer has the ID number 03-23-5-4 and the name of the disease. In addition, we see a very brief description of the disease. The first four digits of the identification number are, as mentioned before, the category of diseases and the disease within the category. The next digit, 5, is the treatment color red. We click on the link, and a full-page image of the color red comes up. We project this color onto ourselves in the treatment. The sixth and last digit is the number 4. It represents the treatment time in months. The best is to use the treatment daily for 30 minutes each time. For the disease of prostate cancer, the treatment color is red, and the treatment time is four months.

Now let’s look at the page about the Sound treatment (The Sound Therapy). In the treatment, I use only one tone. It is composed of six precise sine tones. The sine tones are derived from the wavelengths of the treatment colors. I change the wavelengths of the colors to the frequency of sound. However, there is a slight problem with transforming one of the colors.

The color magenta has no measurable light wavelength. Therefore, I have to reduce its light intensity until it becomes measurable. The color magenta has the highest light intensity of the computer or RGB 255-000-255. When the light intensity is reduced to RGB 097-000-097, the frequency of the color can be measured as a wavelength of 380 nanometers. But now the story is no longer about the color magenta but about the color violet. This solves the problem.


When we use colors for healing, we only use one color at a time, a primary color or a combination of two primary colors of light. If we mix more colors, the result will be a color that does not have a measurable light wavelength.


On the other hand, it is possible to mix all six sine tones with little effect on their quality. This allows us to use the combined tone mixture as a preventive disease treatment, addressing all the diseases of the treatment.

We now examine the page about my articles (Publications). They are both written in English and Icelandic. We will concentrate on the English articles because they are mostly identical to the Icelandic ones.


The first publication, The Therapy of Light, deals with color treatment, its history, and how it can be used.


The following publication, Sound Therapy, presents my view on sound therapy and my hypotheses on using sound as a treatment.


The third publication, Education in the New Age, explains the fundamentals of education in the New Age and presents ways of acquiring knowledge.


Living on the Right Frequency is my fourth publication. My teaching material on esoterism includes the connection of personality and soul, the double working of the mind, and Service.


My fifth publication, The Origin and Development of Man is about the origin of humanity and its development.


I have included my sixth and seventh publications. I held those two talks in Reykjavik, Iceland, at the Theosophical Society on April 28th and 29th, 2023. They are this one, The Word and the Fundamental Forces of Nature, and The Healing Power of Light and Tones.


Finally, I present The Rainbow Tone, which unites the human personality with the Solar Angel, its higher self.


Now, we take a look at the tools we use in the treatment, both color and tone treatment:

I can use a projector with a precise color frequency or an LED light bulb when using the light treatment. The bulb is connected to my phone, and I choose colors in an application I have on my phone. We don’t get a super accurate color frequency when using the bulb, but it still has a decent accuracy. I prefer to use a color bulb rather than a projector. I have two lamps with colored bulbs on bedside tables on either side of the headboard of my bed. When I want a light-colored bath, I turn on the bulbs in the same color, lie on the bed, and relax.

We need a speaker connected to our computer or phone when we use the treatment tone. I use a speaker connected to my iPad via Bluetooth connection.


All the equipment used for the treatment is easy to get in the nearest electronic store.


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