The Healing Power of Light and Tones

A translation of a talk held in Reykjavik at the Theosophical Society on April 29th, 2023.

Good afternoon. My name is Eyjólfur Pétur Hafstein. I lectured here in this house yesterday, and then I talked about, among other things, my work with colors and tones.

Today, I will thoroughly introduce myself and review the events that led me to start working on spiritual matters. Then, I will discuss my Light and Tone therapy. I will then say a few words about God and the Solar Angel, our higher self. I present my meditation method to connect with my higher self. Then, I will introduce the Rainbow Tone and explain how to use it in meditation. Finally, I give the floor to questions and answers. I want to point out that when I mention man in my speech, I am talking about man as a species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and therefore both sexes.


I am a teacher educated in Iceland. After graduating, I taught for three years, then moved to Sweden, where I studied at Uppsala University for many years. In Uppsala, I learned the  ancient language, Sanskrit, and comparative Indo-European grammar. Later, I studied Education. In Uppsala, I worked for many years on my Ph.D. dissertation in Education at the university and simultaneously taught at Uppsala Special Education School. At the turn of the last century, I returned to Iceland and taught at one of Reykjavik’s compulsory schools until I retired.


Since childhood, I have been interested in spiritual matters. Then, in my early twenties, I came across the book The Great Initiates by the French writer and esoteric Edouard Schuré.[6]

The book describes the essence of humanity’s main religions. It discusses some of the great men of the past, such as Rama, Krishna, Hermes, Moses, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Plato, and finally, Jesus and the mission of Christ. Some describe Schuré’s book as a masterpiece. In it, he tells the path some ancient philosophers followed in search of profound esoteric knowledge, often called initiation.


While reading the book, the idea that I had thought about for a long time was fully formed: the history of human evolution is not only biological according to the theories of the biologist Darwin but also a spiritual evolution controlled by higher powers. An evolution that manifests itself in the expansion of man’s consciousness. It begins with man’s thinking and feeling only about the self until his consciousness is so overwhelming that it encloses everything and everyone.


According to esoteric teachings, man’s development is divided into several periods. Towards the end, there comes a period when consciousness’s expansion reaches its peak. This period is called the period of initiation. The individual then experiences a greater and greater expansion of consciousness, and with each significant expansion, it is said that he has gone through a particular initiation.

The esoteric teaches that man has five initiations. It is said that at the first initiation, man is born into the realm of spirit and is connected with his higher self or soul. After the fifth initiation, man has completed his spiritual journey and does not need to go through any more rebirths on Earth.


My interest in expanding human consciousness is primarily in developing the individual’s consciousness. That development then leads to the expansion of consciousness as a whole.


In 1976, I started studying Sanskrit at Uppsala University. Professor Nils Simonsson taught me both Vedic and classical Sanskrit. He also taught me Indian philosophy, especially Hindu philosophy. He told me about the six schools of Hindu philosophy and immediately started mentioning the content of the Samkhya and Yoga schools of philosophy.

Samkhya is considered the oldest philosophical system or school of Hindu philosophy. It is found in the Bhagavad Gita.[2] Samkhya teaches that the whole world consists of two elements: spirit (Purusha) and matter (Prakriti).


One of my exam projects with Professor Nils was translating the religious poem Bhagavad Gita into Swedish. Several of my articles on esoterism are based on the Bhagavad Gita and its wisdom [2].


In December 1988, I had to undergo an operation for problems in my spine. The operation went beyond expectations, but the consequences were that I experienced myself in parts, in a completely different plane of existence than the earthly one.


Being in a great hall was one of the most remarkable things I experienced. There, I was led before an extraordinary being. In my mind, the being was a king on a raised throne. I remember that the king was holding a large rod in one hand. At the end of the rod was a huge diamond. I remember that the king asked me to hold out my hands. Then the king placed the diamond end of the rod in my palms, and suddenly, there lay a large light green stone, which I experienced as a healing stone.

Then, during the summer of 1989, I became aware of unusual events in my mind. Various kinds of knowledge began to flow into my mind. Initially, I received a detailed explanation of the seven-number system and its position in relation to the decimal system and other number systems.

Following that came the knowledge of how white light is divided into the seven colors of the rainbow. I was made aware of how the seven colors and the seven-number system were connected and that this was the mathematics of the higher realms. It would be possible to record all numbers in the form of colors, which would be done within a short time on Earth.


A new element, music, was added to the teaching about a year later. I was made aware that the octaves of the scale were sevenths and were based on the seven-number system. I received information about how the tones were related internally and to the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven-number system.

After this teaching, I was reminded that the knowledge I had been given was the key to creation. Our higher self, our soul, often called this part of us, uses this system for creative work. For example, the soul uses this system when creating its earthly working instrument, its earthly body, when it takes on an incarnation. It was also pointed out to me how this knowledge could be used for creative work on Earth.


After completing this part of the teaching, my soul made me the following offer:


“I am your creator and have decided every step you have taken without you even knowing it. I have undertaken a specific task for higher powers to work on the earth plane when I have you incarnate. The essence of the work is to scientifically prove that I exist and that all humans have a higher self or soul that is as real as I am.”


“I have decided to carry this out in a certain way, and you were created with that in mind. All of your life’s work and education has been done with this in mind, although you never knew it until now. You know you can receive all my knowledge, but unfortunately, due to the limitations of the human brain, I can only give you a part of that knowledge.”


“Would you like to work with me consciously on the progress of the project? I need it. If you agree, it only means that you know what will happen in the future regarding the project. If you answer no, it doesn’t matter. I created you, and I manage you anyway. I do the work, but perhaps I do not get the experience I’m after.”


“If you accept, more will happen than you see into the future. I give you my complete support and that of my team, where I work, and therefore my creativity powers. Of course, it is under my control and only for the issues I took on during this incarnation.”


“What we have to do is in several stages, and it will take many years to implement all this.”

“First, you need to show that the science of numbers is the science of color.

Secondly, you must demonstrate that tones and colors, in the order and interaction I have taught you, can heal the disorders of the personality.

Thirdly, you need, following this, to lay the foundations for the medicine of the New Age by:

   –  Introducing a new classification of diseases, expressed in numbers showing the color best suited for healing.

   –  Composing music that is best suited to heal specific diseases.

Fourthly, you must describe in writing the service and service role of a soul during one lifetime.”


“When you have the work for earnest, you know there’s no personal life ahead of you.” You must dedicate yourself to this task and renounce all personal, selfish lifestyles. Don’t worry, though, I’ll take care of you.”


Many people attending now were away from my talk last night, so I will repeat my website presentation.

Now, let’s look closer at my online website, You can also find my other websites, and


The website [4] is structured so you can quickly look up the color and tone treatments. Under Publication, you can find articles I have written, both in English and Icelandic. I also present the author of the treatment.

I present sixteen categories on the Color Therapy site containing over 150 diseases and conditions. These are the sicknesses that the treatment addresses. Examples of disease categories are cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, and heart diseases.


Take breast cancer, for example. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. We begin by choosing Category 03 (Cancer-Tumors), which addresses cancer. Don’t let the numbers fool you because I use the seven-number system, which shows the order from 00 to 21. I click on the link for cancer, and up comes the following image:

We see that my therapy treats quite a few cancers and that breast cancer is the seventh disease counted from the top. It is classified as 03 06. We read the information that can be found on the site and observe that the treatment uses six healing colors. These are the primary colors red, green, and blue, along with the secondary colors magenta, light blue, and yellow. The secondary colors are an equal mixture of two primary colors. For instance, magenta is an equal mixture of red and blue colors. Light blue is an equal mixture of blue and green colors, and yellow is an equal mixture of red and green colors. All the colors have the most substantial light exposure of the computer. As you can see, I gave the six colors a number from 0 to 5. We can also see that the treatment time for all the cancers is shown in numbers.


We now slide down the page until we get to breast cancer number 03-06.

On the page, we see the six-digit identification number of the disease and its name. In addition, we see a very brief description of the disease. The first four digits of the six-digit ID number are, as mentioned before, the category of diseases and the disease within a category. The following number, 3, with a green color around it, is the treatment color green. We click on the link, and a full-page image of the green color appears. This is the color we project onto ourselves using the treatment. The sixth and last digit is the number 5. Number 5 represents the treatment time in months. The best is to use the treatment daily for 30 minutes each time. For the disease of breast cancer, the treatment color is green, and the treatment time is five months.  


I’m also going to show you treatment for a typical male disease, prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. We open the page to find the identification number of the disease. The ID number starts with the numbers 03-23. We slide down the page and find the disease, prostate cancer.

We see that prostate cancer has the ID number 03-23-5-4 and the name of the disease. In addition, we see a very brief description of the disease. The first four digits of the identification number are, as mentioned before, the category of diseases and the disease within the category. The next digit, 5, is the treatment color red. We click on the link, and a full-page image of the color red comes up. We project this color onto ourselves in the treatment. The sixth and last digit is the number 4. It represents the treatment time in months. The best is to use the treatment daily for 30 minutes each time. For the disease of prostate cancer, the treatment color is red, and the treatment time is four months.

Now let’s look at the page about the Sound treatment (The Sound Therapy). In the treatment, I use only one tone. It is composed of six precise sine tones. The sine tones are derived from the wavelengths of the treatment colors. I change the wavelengths of the colors to the frequency of sound. However, there is a slight problem with transforming one of the colors.

The color magenta has no measurable light wavelength. Therefore, I have to reduce its light intensity until it becomes measurable. The color magenta has the highest light intensity of the computer or RGB 255-000-255. When the light intensity is reduced to RGB 097-000-097, the frequency of the color can be measured as a wavelength of 380 nanometers. But now the story is no longer about the color magenta but about the color violet. This solves the problem.


When we use colors for healing, we only use one color at a time, a primary color or a combination of two primary colors of light. If we mix more colors, the result will be a color that does not have a measurable light wavelength.


On the other hand, it is possible to mix all six sine tones with little effect on their quality. This allows us to use the combined tone mixture as a preventive disease treatment, addressing all the diseases of the treatment.

We now examine the page about my articles (Publications). They are both written in English and Icelandic. We will concentrate on the English articles because they are mostly identical to the Icelandic ones.


The first publication, The Therapy of Light, deals with color treatment, its history, and how it can be used.


The following publication, Sound Therapy, presents my view on sound therapy and my hypotheses on using sound as a treatment.


The third publication, Education in the New Age, explains the fundamentals of education in the New Age and presents ways of acquiring knowledge.


Living on the Right Frequency is my fourth publication. My teaching material on esoterism includes the connection of personality and soul, the double working of the mind, and Service.


My fifth publication, The Origin and Development of Man is about the origin of humanity and its development.


I have included my sixth and seventh publications. I held those two talks in Reykjavik, Iceland, at the Theosophical Society on April 28th and 29th, 2023. They are this one, The Healing Power of Light and Tones, and The Word and the Fundamental Forces of Nature, which I gave yesterday.


Finally, I present The Rainbow Tone, which helps uniting the human personality with the Solar Angel, its higher self.


Continuing my talk from yesterday, I would like to mention four points regarding my Light and Sound Therapy.


First, I can use color and tone therapy as a preventive treatment. I might have made this more apparent yesterday. All diseases afflicting man originate in his energetic body and appear in his aura. With Kirlian photography of the human body, the Indian scientist J.M. Shah. [7] demonstrated this.

Shah says the time it takes for the frequency distortion to travel from a person’s aura to the physical body can be as long as six to eight months. Therefore, it is recommended to use colors and tones as preventive medicine. In that way, we prevent frequency distortion in the person’s electromagnetic field, the aura.


I recommend using the tone treatment as a preventive treatment. Using all six sine frequencies interlaced into one tone is easier and faster. If you use colors, you must use one color at a time, which takes much longer. The treatment must be thrice weekly when the colors or tones are used preventively. However, I recommend using the treatment daily.


The second point is: When a professional has made a diagnosis, or people think they know what is wrong, I recommend using the color treatment. Then, when health is restored, it is best to start using the tone treatment and continue to use it as long as people care. There is also nothing wrong with using colors and tones together.


The third point is that the literature discusses tone treatments little. A completely different matter applies to color treatment.


During a review of color medicine, Kate Baldwin, senior physician at the Women’s Hospital of Pennsylvania in the USA,[1] tells us about her experience treating a young girl who had suffered severe burns. The girl had been rescued from a burning house. The year was 1931. Senior physician Baldwin tells her story under oath in a New York, USA court. Dr Baldwin says:


“One of my most famous cases was a little girl named Grace Shirlow. About four-fifths of her torso was burnt. She was burned beyond the middle of her body; it went up to the clavicle and under the arm. Burns went from the elbow up clear into the axillary, down to the groin, about four inches on the left leg, back up onto the back, and around onto the side. It was not only the skin that was destroyed but the muscle’s fascia. The fascia is the covering of the muscle.”

“From my surgical and medical experience, with that much of the body burned and to that severity, it would be an absolutely hopeless and fatal case. I was brought in about 24 hours after the burn, and the surgeon and the doctor said, ‘There is no use in trying to do anything with this!’ The dressing had been placed so tightly that it was two weeks before I succeeded in getting it all off, as I would not force it off. I told myself that there was nothing in regular medicine or surgery that could make that child live. I told my assistant we might as well see what the Spectro-Chrome will do.”


“The child had absolutely nothing but color and diet. I used no surgery at all. I used paper dressing soaked with nut oil and color rays. We used turquoise principally to build the skin. We used other colors to help stimulate the separation of the sloughs of the body. New epithelium, new skin, will not cover over dead tissue, and we had to stimulate the separation using stimulating colors.”


“A good many surgeons saw this girl and one surgeon, who had been in the war (World War I) said, ‘well, we don’t try to treat one of those; we give them just a big dose of morphine and push them off to one side.’ Now, I was criticized for not having skin grafting, but where could I get skin grafting? There was no place on the body for skin graft. Today, the little girl has perfectly moveable skin. This is not scar tissue, but skin!”

A review of what has been written about sound treatments reveals little. In one place, however, I found a study by two Englishmen, Maman and Grimal,[3] on the effects of tone application on cells in the blood of cancer patients. They used Kirlian microscopic imaging for their observations. They saw that the shape of the cancer cells under study changed when they hit certain tones. The cells exploded when they hit the notes a’ (440Hz) and b’ (h’ 494Hz).


The fourth point. I was somewhat surprised that the great scientist and mathematician Isaac Newton,[5] the father of the Industrial Revolution, mentions in his book Opticks from 1704 that he can relate the seven colors of the rainbow to the seven tones of the scale. Without going into detail, I’d like to show you an image from Opticks’ groundbreaking work.

In the picture, Newton[5] distinguishes the seven colors by the tones but does not point to specific colors.

On the other hand, I direct each of the seven tones in my system to a specific color. The tone a’ focuses on red, the tone b’ (h’) focuses on orange (red-yellow), the tone c” focuses on yellow, the tone d” focuses on green, and so on. I found the match by comparing the tones’ frequencies and the light wavelengths.


More information on how to match tones and colors can be found in my article, Living on the Right Frequency, on my website,[4]


Now, I will tell you about God and the Solar Angel – the soul.

In 1964, the Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev[8] proposed a theory on the classification and development of civilization based on energy consumption. Kardashev classified civilization into three levels: civilization I, civilization II, and III. He said that civilization I was so advanced that it had many times more energy at its disposal than we have today. Our civilization does not reach the Kardashev scale. According to it, we are somewhere in the range of 0.7, and at the earliest, in 100 to 200 years, humanity will reach the level of civilization I.


At civilization level I, humans can control the weather, prevent earthquakes, and stop volcanic eruptions. We can handle most things in our environment and on Earth. Kardashev says that when humans reach civilization level I, we will have 100,000-fold energy, or more, at our disposal compared to today.


At civilization level II, humans have so much energy and scientific knowledge that we can harness the entire energy of the solar system. We can then activate all the energy of the sun, but not only the solar energy that shines on the Earth. Humans will then populate many planets in the solar system and their moons, and total sustainability will prevail. At this stage, the species Homo Sapiens Sapiens is immortal. For example, we can completely prevent the collision of foreign objects and the Earth, one of humanity’s greatest threats. We do it simply by destroying or changing the foreign object’s direction or moving the Earth.


At civilization level III, Homo Sapiens Sapiens has conquered the Milky Way galaxy and can harness its energy. At this level of civilization, man uses previously unknown laws of physics, where the speed of light is no longer a speed barrier. At cultural level II, man has already separated consciousness and body, and the material-heavy earthly body is no longer an obstacle. We also have the technology to be in many places simultaneously.

Many well-known scientists support Kardashev’s theories, including professors Carl Sagan and Michio Kaku, who have further developed Kardashev’s scale and made it cover more areas than just energy.


Today, significant progress is taking place in science. Artificial intelligence, microbiology, and neuroscience technologies have taken giant steps forward. In the next 100 to 200 years, which is the time it takes for Homo Sapiens Sapiens to reach civilization level I, man will have already drastically changed himself. He will have microchips placed in his brain to make him more capable of making decisions and enhance his memory and analytical abilities. In addition, man will use microbiology, neuroscience, advanced engineering, and genetic engineering to develop his comprehensive body functions. When artificial intelligence, microbiology, engineering, and neuroscience have fundamentally changed humans, there will likely be a change in the name of the species. Homo Sapiens Sapiens – the modern man, then probably turns into Homo Sapiens Artificialis – the human machine. This will happen in the next 100 to 200 years, or when humanity reaches stage I of civilization.

At stage I of civilization, humans can download all their brain activity onto powerful computers and project their thoughts and feelings far and wide across the globe. In this way, the technique of separating man’s consciousness from bodily functions is developed. This technique prepares man to get rid of the earthly body. Man reaches this stage of development at level II of civilization after little more than 2000 years.


The short period ahead in human evolution, until civilization level I is reached, is considered the most dangerous time in the evolution of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. In the present stage of human history, humans are overwhelmed by the energy that has to do with the ego. Everything is done from the point of view of doing things for oneself and ignoring the needs of others. Wars are the order of the day, threats to use nuclear weapons are common, poverty and deprivation of our brothers and sisters are paid little attention, and national worths are given more value than international brotherhood. People do not realize that the vast majority of all species of living organisms on Earth have died out, over 99.9 percent. Man must recognize that if Homo Sapiens Sapiens is to have any chance of continued existence, the energy that surrounds the species must change from selfishness to equality and well-being of all units of the species. That thought must prevail: “What can I do for the whole – what can I do for the species.”


Fortunately, with us humans, there are species in the solar system that live in the development stage of civilization II. These are the so-called Solar Devas or Solar Angels. The Solar Angels sometimes go by the name of “Man’s Higher Self” or “Man’s Soul”. Initially, the Solar Angels initiated the creation of the genus Homo and followed it through its evolution. They taught the first man to straighten the back and light a fire. They helped him with tools for hunting and cultivating the land. They helped with the Industrial Revolution, the discovery of atomic power, and other significant scientific developments. Their last big step is to help men cope with their diseases. They do this by teaching man to use light and tones for healing.


The times ahead will be difficult for man. Can the species survive this era, or will it destroy itself? The road from civilization level 0.7 to level I is demanding and challenging. The Solar Angel of civilization II is not confident that man will succeed in reaching this crossroads.


To try their best to ensure that man reaches civilization level I, the Solar Angels were joined by an even higher level of civilization, level III of civilization. This level of evolution has reached the goal of working with the entire Milky Way galaxy. Today, we humans feel the influence of civilization level III and call it – God.


We modern humans, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, are a bit special. I don’t know why the Solar Angels of civilization level II took it upon themselves to create and develop a particular type of species – the mammal with the overgrown brain, Homo, later Homo Sapiens. Why does civilization level III take it upon itself to help the Solar Angels develop Homo Sapiens Sapiens? I do not know. One thing is sure, though: this is what happens. The Solar Angel works with love as a weapon, surrounding the person with his loving nature and teaching him to use love in daily activities. Civilization, level III “God himself,” then works with the will principle as a weapon and emphasizes that man is taught the proper use of will. What will the next 100 to 200 years bring in the development of man? If Homo Sapiens Sapiens as a species does not exterminate itself, the species will undergo massive changes with the help of artificial intelligence, microbiology, neuroscience, and genetic engineering. It can also be assumed that there will be a name change for the species, and the name of man, Homo Sapiens Sapiens (modern man), will change to Homo Sapiens Artificialis (the human-machine). But the longevity of the species is entirely up to itself.


Now, let’s move on to a more positive attitude. We can always contact the Solar Angel that relates to us personally – our higher self. Most of us have not yet achieved the disciplined mindset of quieting our minds and listening to the voice in the silence – our inner voice – the voice of the Solar Angel. Practicing yoga is one way to calm the mind. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means union. It involves uniting with the Solar Angel, or in the words of esoterism, combining personality and soul. The Solar Angel is always there, reading our minds like an open book and listening to our prayers, calls, and desires. However, he respects our free will and likes to meet us as equals.


Invocations like the Disciple’s Invocation have worked well for me. In the Invocation, we call upon the Solar Angel for unification. The content of the Invocation also points us to how we should conduct our lives. In the Invocation, the student is expected to learn four basic assertions. They are:

  1. I am a soul incarnate; my body is my vehicle.
  2. I fulfill a specific life duty (dharma) determined by the soul before the birth of my earthly body.
  3. I purify my mind. I stop anxiety and mental delusions and enter peace in my mind.
  4. I refine my emotional body. I throw out misery and wants and join love.

Once we have mastered the four basic assertions, we turn to the double working of the mind. As the name suggests, the double working of the mind consists of performing two things in the mind simultaneously. First, to visualize a particular picture or scenario in our mind. At the same time, we use a word of power or an invocation. The Disciple´s Invocation is one example of the double working of the mind.

When the image of the triangle is vivid, we recite the Invocation. The image of the triangle does not leave our minds all the time we recite it. You can use the Disciple´s Invocation anytime you like. It’s up to you.


Now that you have familiarized yourself with how the dual workings of the mind are performed, I would like to give you a unique tone that you use in the work of creation. The tone also connects you with the Solar Angel—your inner self. Using the tone correctly is your wish to manifest your desire—to make yourself whole.


When you use the tone, you settle into a comfortable meditative position, still your mind, and begin the meditation. In your mind, you see a picture or a graphic scenario of your connection with the Solar Angel. You envision your soul and personality connecting with a line of pure white light. Use this tone whenever you feel the urge to connect with your inner reality. The tone is made of the seven colors of the rainbow, and I named it the Rainbow Tone.


It takes 15 minutes to play the Rainbow Tone. While it plays, you keep your picture as steady as possible in your mind. You will find the tone under the tab Publications on my website,[4]


I wish to finish my talk this evening by leading you into meditation. We will use the Rainbow Tone, and you will be able to train your ability to use this creative tone. After the meditation, I open for questions and answers.


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